Are You Tired of Working?

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Micky Muffin and her boyfriend come back home from a hard day at work. Both are exhausted and Micky takes off her high heels and starts to give herself a feet massage. But her boyfriend tells her that he would like to give her the massage.Once he starts to massage her feet, he goes up and touches her legs… until he takes off her stockings and caresses her body. Then, she sits down and he stands up so she can give him a footjob. She uses her feet to masturbate him, fulfilling the fetish he always wanted. Next: she takes off her clothes and kneels for giving him a blowjob, sticking his penis deep inside her mouth. But the sex moment arrived: they fuck in different positions like doggy or reverse cowgirl and she screams because of the pleasure. She will masturbate him again with her mouth and feet until he cums!